By Jenxi Seow



A Newtype was someone who was in a new stage of human evolution, a new type of human. The term Newtype was coined by Zeon Zum Deikun. He believed that it was the destiny of humanity to migrate to space and evolve into an advanced type of humans called Newtypes.

As his philosophy spread, people who displayed exceptional abilities were considered Newtype. During the One Year War, several individuals with strange psychic abilities emerged. These people were thought to be the Newtypes that Deikun foretold.

The prevailing theory for the emergence of Newtype was humanity’s migration into space. Those who did not undergo such an evolution were sometimes referred to as Oldtypes.

The scientific and philosophical communities heralded the discovery of Newtypes as humanity’s advancement as a species. However, Newtypes were often exploited in reality.

Politicians used Newtypes to further their agendas, while the militaries fielded Newtypes for their exceptional battle prowess. There were speculations that such treatment of Newtypes was due to the fear that Oldtype had.

Newtype abilities

Living in space under little or no gravity and the vastness of space caused the human body to develop heightened spatial and mental awareness. Newtypes tend to occur more among Spacenoids, although there were no conclusive studies done to confirm this.

Newtypes were empaths, allowing them to sense the thoughts and emotions of other Newtypes. They were able to feel hostile intentions directed at them, thus they could predict attacks and dodge or counter accordingly.

Some Newtypes were telepaths, in certain cases they were even able to communicate with the dead. Kamille Bidan summoned the spirits of his dead comrades to aid him in a critical moment in battle.

Both the Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon developed Psycommusystems to enhance and tap on the psychic abilities of Newtype pilots. They were also able to mentally control remote weapons such as bits and funnels through the Pyscommu system.

Cyber Newtypes

The Flanagan Instritute conducted most of the pioneer research on Newtypes for the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. After the war, the Earth Federationobtained Zeon’s research and established NewType labs experiment with inducing Oldtypes to evolve. They were able to create Newtypes artificially, though with major flaws stemming from the mental conditioning used in the process. These Cyber-Newtypes were mentally unstable.

Known Cyber Newtypes

Notable Newtypes

Amuro Ray

The famed Amuro Ray was one of the most powerful Newtypes. His knowledge of machinery and piloting skills gave him a solid foundation for his Newtype abilities to flourish.

Char Aznable

Although he had far more combat training than Amuro, Char Aznable was not as powerful compared to his rival because his Newtype abilities started developing after years of combat experience. Nevertheless, he was a legendary figure among both the Zeon and Earth Federation. His piloting prowess was both admired and feared by friends and foes alike.

Lalah Sune

She was the star student of Professor Flanagan. Her strong Newtype abilities made her the ideal candidate for the Flanagan Institute to conduct research on the development of mobile weapons that tapped on Newtype abilities.

Kamille Bidan

Kamille Bidan was arguably the strongest Newtype. He relied heavily on his piloting abilities when he was thrown into combat. His Newtype abilities only emerged after he was exposed to Newtype Elpeo Ple and Cyber-Newtypes Four Murasame and Rosamia Badam. He was able to draw on the spirits of fallen Newtypes he knew to aid him in battle. Kamille’s Newtype sensitivity caused him to become mentally crippled by the psychic backlash when he defeated Paptimus Scirocco.

Despite his vegetative physical state, he was still able to communicate telepathically with other Newtypes.

Judau Ashta

Although Judau Ashta did not have the talent for operating machinery or combat training, his piloting improved tremendously as his Newtype abilities emerged through actual combat experience. Haman Karn said that his Newtype powers were on par with Char Aznable’s. He was able to communicate with his sister telepathically over long distances, often predicted his opponent’s movements, and was able to create a barrier with his mind.

Known Newtypes

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