Universal Century Timeline

By Jenxi Seow



The Universal Century era begun when humans started inhabiting space with the completion of the first space colony at Side 1.

To mark the new age, the Anno Domini timeline was replaced with the Universal Century, abbreviated as UC.

Pre-UC to UC 0040
1990 AD


Severe pollution and overpopulation resulted in famine and shortages of resources. These in turn increased crime and violence.

Increasing local conflicts erupted around the world, threatening to become widespread and escalate into a Third World War.

29 July 1999 AD

Earth Federation

World leaders established the Earth Federation to deal with the global issues. The Federation also initiated the human space colonisation program.

2005 AD

First solar power satellite launched.

2009 AD

Federation Forces

The Earth Federation founded the Earth Federation Forces to place the nation’s armed forces under a common authority.

2025 AD

Jupiter journey

The Jupiter Energy Fleet launched from lunar orbit towards Jupiter.

2045 AD

Space colonisation

The Earth’s population passed 9 billion. To cope with the overpopulation, the Federation initiated its space colonisation program. It started building the first colony at Side 1.

UC 0001

Universal Century

The Federation completed the construction of the first colony, Shangri-La.

The Universal Century replaced the Anno Domini calendar to mark the start of the new era.

During the ceremony marking the start of the Universal Century, terrorists destroyed the Laplace Space Station in Earth’s orbit.

The Federation established the Colony Management Corporation (CMC) to handle the space colony.

UC 0015

Colony growth

The population of the space colonies grew to 1.5 million people.

Birth of Trenov Yvan Minovsky in Ukraine.

UC 0016

Frontier settlement

The Federation established the Frontier Settlement Transport Bureau (FSTB) to manage the space migration.

UC 0018 June

First space Olympics

Side 1 celebrated the birth of the one-millionth Spacenoid baby.

UC 0022

Peace declaration

The Federation declared an end to warfare on the surface of Earth.

UC 0025

50 million in space

The space colonies grew to 50 million people.

UC 0027

First lunar settlement

The Federation established the Von Braun settlement in Cayley crater on the Moon, making it the first lunar permanent city.

The Lunar Economic Development Authority (LEDA) was independent non-governmental organisation created to oversee trade on the Moon.

UC 0030

500 million in space

The Federation privatised the FSTB to form the Space Transport Enterprise (STEP) Group due to suspected forced immigration by the former.

The space colonies reached 500 million inhabitants.

UC 0034

Side 2 established

The Federation replaced the STEP Group with the Public Corporation of Space Tranpsort (PCST), an independent non-governmental organisation.

The Federation constructed the first space colony in Side 2.

UC 0035

Work on Side 3 commenced

The Federation started the construction of the closed-type space colony Munzo Province at Side 3.

UC 0040

40% of humanity in space

Around 5 billion people, about 40% of the human population, were living in space.

UC 0041 to UC 0069
UC 0041

Asteroid altering

The Federation changed the orbit of asteroid Juno to send it into the Earth Sphere to tap on its rich resources.

UC 0044

Half of humanity living in space

This year marked an important milestone in the human migration to space: half of the human lived in space.

Ere-ism started spreading. It was a belief that the Earth was sacred and humanity should leave it in peace.

The Federation Forces developed the RTX-44 Main Battle Tank.

Birth of Ronan Marcenas, grandson of Ricardo Marcenas.

UC 0045

Second moon

The Federation placed the asteroid Juno, later renamed Luna II, in Earth’s orbit to mine it for resources needed for space colony construction.

UC 0046

Contolism crusade

Zeon Zum Deikum created Contolism, a combination of Ere-ism and Side-ism, and strated spreading his philosophy. Side-ism was the belief that Sides should be recognised as sovereign nations.

UC 0047

Minovsky miracle

The Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor was invented.

UC 0050

Space colonised

The human population reached 11 billion, of which 9 billion lived in space. The Federation stopped constructing new space colonies as they did not foresee further large scale migration. This marked an end of the human space colonisation program.

Birth of Terry Sanders Jr.

UC 0051

Alien Landholding

Federation passed the Alien Landholding Law.

UC 0052

Zeon Zum Deikun moved to Side 3 to spread Contolism and promote the migration of all of humanity to space. He also championed the right for space colonies to be treated as sovereign nations.

Birth of Ginias Sahalin.

UC 0058

Side 3 independence

The government of Side 3 declared independence from the Earth Federation and established the Autonomous Republic of Munzo. It created the Colony Republican Guard, its armed forces.

UC 0059

Earth Federation Space Forces

The Federation established the Earth Federation Space Forces, an armed forces separate from the Federation’s Earth Forces.

In response to Side 3’s independence, the Federation adopted Bardot Policy and applied economic sanctions to force Side 3 to rejoin the Federation.

17 November, UC 0059
Birth of Casval Rem Deikum and Aina Sahalin.

UC 0060

Arms race begun

The Federation Forces converted Luna II into a military base and started building up arms through the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan.

Birth of Bright Noa.

UC 0062

Alien exclusion

The Federation passed the Alien Exclusion Act.

Side 3 expanded the Colony Republican Guard to a full-fledged military force and renamed it the Zeon Elite Force.

1 April, UC 0062
Side 3 established the Zeon Elite Force Academy.

12 September, UC 0062
Birth of Artesia Som Deikun.

21 November, UC 0062
Birth of Lalah Sune and Kiki Rosita.

UC 0063

21 November, UC 0062
Birth of Amuro Ray.

UC 0064

The Federation Forces developed new space battleships as part of the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan.

Birth of Hayato Kobayashi and Fraw Bow.

UC 0065

Discovery of the Minovksy particle

Researchers of the Minovsky Physics Society observed a unique electromagnetic effect that led to the discovery of the Minovsky particle.

Political schism between Zeon Zum Deikun and the influential Zabi family

UC 0067

Prototype humanoid robot

The Federation rejected a motion for the autonomy of space colonies. It also announced plans to construct Side 7.

Terrance Richman and Ullhammer T Keynes demonstrated the prototype humanoid robot Raiant R-7 to Rob Torres.

UC 0068

Death of Deikun

February UC 0068
Successful field test of prototype humanoid robot Raiant R-8.

October UC 0068
Zeon Zum Deikun died of unknown causes. Degwin Sodo Zabi succeeded him as the leader of Side 3. Deikun followers allegedly assassinated Zabi’s son Sasro Zabi because they believed Deikun was assassinated by the Zabi.

UC 0069

Principality of Zeon established

15 August UC 0069
Degwin Sodo Zabi declared himself sovereign and established the Principality of Zeon. He ordered the purge of Zeon Zum Deikun‘s followers.

He expanded the Zeon Elite Force to form the Zeon Military Force, with the former becoming an elite corp in the ZMF.

October UC 0069
The Zeon Military Force commissioned the first Papua-class transport ship.

UC 0070 to UC 0078
UC 0070

Death of Deikun

The Federation launched the Year 70 Armament Reinforcement Plan.

March UC 0070
Zeon attempted radar jamming through scattering Minovsky particles.

May UC 0070
The Zeon Military Force applied Minovsky physics to create a mega particle cannon.

June UC 0070
Zeon comissioned its first Chivvay-class space cruisers.

October UC 0070
The Federation forces produced the Salamis-class cruiser and the Magellan-class battleship