Side 6

By Jenxi Seow



Side 6 Riah was a space colony cluster located at Lagrangian Point L5 that belonged to the Earth Federation but declared independence and became the Riah Republic.


Side 6 was a colony cluster at Lagrangian Point L5. Its proximity to Side 1 made it an important territory for the Earth Federation.

The cluster shared the Lagrangian Point with Side 1.


  • Libot
  • Baldur Bay


The Libot colony was a residential colony with a hidden Federation research facility.


Side 6 declared independence from the Earth Federation in April UC 0077 and was renamed the Riah Republic. It received backing from the Principality of Zeon to maintain its independence.

Unlike Zeon’s violent push for independence from the Federation, the Riah Republic left the Federation on good terms and maintained diplomatic ties with the Federation. The Republic maintained its neutrality during initial stages of the One Year War.

The Republic avoided most of the major wars but it knew that it was under the threat of being swallowed up or destroyed by Zeon. It worked with the Fedration and alowed the latter to establish a research base in the Libot colony.

After Zeon forces discovered the Federation base in Libot colony, Zeon’s elite Cyclops Team attacked the colony in late December UC 0079. The team planned a nuclear attack on the colony on 26 December 0079, but Federation forces were able to intercept the Zeon forces in time.

The Federation’s assault carrier White Base docked in the Baldur Bay colony for repairs and supplies after leaving Earth. Pursuing Zeon forces could not engage White Base due to the Republic’s neutral stance.

However, once the ship left the colony, Conscon was waiting with his fleet to ambush White Base. The surprise attack failed and the whole fleet was defeated. The heroics of White Base and its crew were broadcasted by the colony’s Riah Broadcasting Corporation to the entire Earth Sphere, boosting support for the Federation in the war.

Side 6 rejoined the Federation after the war.

In UC 0218, the Federation collapsed and Side 6 became a member of CONSENT.

Notable citizens