Von Braun

By Jenxi Seow



Von Braun was the first city on the Moon. It was also the largest lunar city.


Von Braun was a city in the Cayley crater in the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. Named after German rocket scientist Werhner Von Braun, the city was built on the landing site of Apollo 11 where mankind first set foot on the Moon.

All lunar cities were built underground and Von Braun was no exception. Fibre-optics viaducts admitted light into the underground city, making the ceiling of the cavern appear like a sky. The Armstrong Plaza and Armstrong Park were located at the centre of the city where they served as the main thoroughfare of the city.

Von Braun artificial sky
Fibre-optics viaducts artificial sky
Von Braun artificial sky
Another view of the artificial sky


Von Braun was established in UC 0027 and had since flourished into the largest lunar city.

The city belonged to the Earth Federation and specialised in manufacturing heavy equipment. Von Braun was a vital territory on the Moon. It was said that whoever controlled Von Braun controlled the whole Moon.

An Anaheim Electronics facility was later established in the city to work on the Gundam Development Project in UC 0083. The facility was involved in several prototype mobile suit projects. In November UC 0083, the Albion docked at the city during its pursuit of the Delaz Fleet. Zeon pilot Kelley Layzner threatened to fire upon the city if Albion did not allow him to face the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burnern it carried. The crew of Albion aceded to avoid dragging the city into the conflict.

Von Braun in the Cayley Crater on the Moon
Von Braun in the Cayley Crater on the Moon

The Titans launched Operation Apollo to force the AEUG out of Von Braun in UC 0087. The Titans fleet was assisted by the Republic of Zeon. The combined forces occupied the city on August 10. However, AEUG managed to drive them out of the city.

The Titans attempted to drop a colony on the city but they were thwarted by AEUG forces. Titans sent Sarah Zabiarov to plant a bomb in the city to destroy Argama. However, she was swayed by the generosity of Kamille Bidan and stopped him from going back to the ship to save his life. When she told him about the bomb, he informed Argama and the ship evacuated

The city maintained its neutrality throughout the wars due to the economic advantage of supplying arms to the different factions.

Von Braun government district
Government district
Von Braun dock
Dock with guiding lasers
Von Braun docking hangar
Docking hangar
Von Braun main elevator shaft
Main elevator shaft