By Jenxi Seow



Solomon was a space fortress located at Lagrangian Point L5 amidst the ruins of Side 1 in the Sea of Solomon. Principality of Zeon used the asteroid as a space fortress. The Earth Federation captured it during the One Year War and renamed it Konpei Island.


The Principality of Zeon mined Solomon for resources to produce war machines. They established a military base on it that served as the headquarters of the Zeon Space Attack Force. Zeon positioned Solomon at Lagrangian Point L5 to provide frontline defense for the Zeon homeland Side 3. Space fortress A Baoa Qu served as the rear defense.


Solomon was a vital space stronghold for the Principality of Zeon. It served as the headquarters of the Zeon Space Attack Force led by Dolze Zabi. It was used as a staging area for Zeon to launch its surprise attacks on the Earth Federation at the start of the One Year War.

Battle of Solomon

The Federation conducted a large scale deployment of mobile suits on 24 December UC 0079 in the Battle of Solomon. Having driven the Zeon forces off Earth, Federation forces pressed their advantaged and targeted Zeon’s fortress of Solomon.

Solomon’s beam cannon defence were neutralised by beam-dispersing smoke clouds generated by Public-class assault boats. This forced Zeon mobile suits to advance beyond the defensive range of the fortress to engage the Federation forces. This made the Zeon mobile suits easy targets for Federation warships.

The Federation used their newly developed weapon of mass destruction, the Solar System solar reflector array, destroying Solomon’s main space gate and wiping out all mobile suits and vessels in it. The breached gate allowed Federation forces to enter Solomon.

Solomon’s final line of defence, the MA-08 Big Zam held back the Federation onslaught, allowing many Zeon personnel to evacuate. The mobile armour was ultimately taken down by the combined efforts of Sleggar Law and Amuro Ray. Solomon was then seized by Federation forces.

Operation Stardust

The Federation renamed Solomon as Konpei Island and used it as a staging area for their assault on Zeon’s home territory. After the war, Konpei Island remained under Federation control. It was chosen as the venue for a full-scale naval review in UC 0083. This made it the primary target for the Delaz Fleet in Operation Stardust. Zeon ace Anavel Gato attacked the naval review in the RX-78GP02A Gundam “Physalis”, destroying two-thirds of the Federation forces gathered at Solomon with an MK-82 nuclear warhead.

Solomon continued to be an important military base for the Federation in space. It was operated by the Titans after the Delaz Conflict and during the Gryps Conflict. The RX-121 Gundam TR-1 Hazel was developed by the Titans in Solomon.

The base was still being used by the Federation in UC 120, highlighting its prominence as a military stronghold in space.