MAN-08 Elmeth

By Jenxi Seow



MAN-08 Elmeth

The MAN-08 Elmeth was a prototype Newtype-use mobile armour developed by the Principality of Zeon. The “MA” in the model code refers to it being a mobile armour, while the “N” identifies it as a Newtype-use model. Although it was the first unit to be developed, the “08” in the model code indicates that it was the eighth design.


The emergence of Newtypes, people with heightened spatial awareness and precognition, led to the Principality of Zeon looking into their potential tools in the One Year War The Flanagan Institute was assigned to study Newtypes and develop weapons to tap on their abilities. The MAN-08 Elmeth was built specifically for use by the Newtype Corps under the command of Kycilia Zabi. It was meant to enable Zeon to stop the advance of the Earth Federation during the war. The Institute picked Lalah Sune as the test pilot for the Elmeth because of her extraordinary Newtype capabilities. The Elmeth was first deployed in combat against Federation forces stationed at the asteroid base Konpei Island, formerly Solomon. The test was a resounding success. The Elmeth remained hidden in the asteroid field at a distance and wiped out the Federation forces using the remotely-controlled bits. The Elmeth’s stealthy operations earned it the nickname “Ghost of Solomon”. The Elmeth was destroyed in battle by the Federation’s RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by Newtype Amuro Ray. A second unit was produced and it was piloted by Al Cuzco. The development of bit weaponry continued and was eventually implemented as the funnel system in later Zeon mobile weapons.


The MAN-08 Elmeth was designed specifically for Newtypes. It was equipped with a psycommu system to allow the pilots to control the mobile armour with their brainwaves. As brainwaves are not affected by Minovsky particle interference, Newtypes were able to control remote weapon units with the psycommu system. Zeon scientists wanted to utilise the Newtype abilities to control remote weapons from long-range.Their research resulted in the bits weaponry. The Elmeth was very fast and highly manouevrable despite its shape. The appearance of the Elmeth led to it being referred to by the Federation soliders as the “tricorn hat”.MAN-08 Elmeth cockpit

MAN-08 Elmeth cockpit


The main weapons of the Elmeth were its bits. It had a pair of rotating beam guns for close to medium range combat.


The Elmeth was equipped with twelve remote bits. Unlike the remote mega particle guns used on the MAN-03 Braw Bro, the bits did not need to be connected to the mobile armour via wires. They were independently powered by an on-board reactor, allowing them to function far away from the Elmeth for extended periods. The bits were stored in the mobile armour and launched from a pair of hatches in its rear. The bits were controlled through the pilot’s brainwaves using the psycommu system. This allowed the bits to respond almost instantaneously to the pilot’s thoughts. The bits were small and fast, making them undetectable visually. They were hard to defend against as they allowed the pilot to attack the enemy from all angles.MAN-08 Elmeth bit

MAN-08 Elmeth bit

Mega particle guns

A pair of rotating mega particle guns were mounted on the Elmeth. These provided the mobile armour with a 90-degree firing range. While they provide a greater range of fire than fixed guns, they only covered the front and top of the mobile armour. The Elmeth had to rely on its bits against enemies that were behind or below it.

Known pilots

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.