By Jenxi Seow



Granada was the second largest lunar city located on the far side of the Moon.


Granada was built on the far side of the Moon, the side that never faces the Earth. It was the closest lunar city to the Principality of Zeon homeland Side 3.

Like all lunar cities, Granada was built underground. Fibre-optics viaducts admitted light into the underground city, making the ceiling of the cavern appear like a sky.

Von Braun was a city in the Cayley crater in the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. Named after German rocket scientist Werhner Von Braun, the city was built on the landing site of Apollo 11 where mankind first set foot on the Moon.

Von Braun artificial sky
Fibre-optics viaducts artificial sky

Von Braun artificial sky
Another view of the artificial sky


Granada was the second largest lunar city, after Von Braun. It was the most influential city on the far side of the moon.

Wary of its proximity to the Principality of Zeon homeland Side 3, the Earth Federation established a military base in Granada to deter Zeon forces. However, the base was seized by Zeon along with the rest of the city when the One Year War broke out. Granada served as the headquarters for Kycilia Zabi’s Mobile Assault Force.

On 1 January UC 0080, the Federation and Zeon leaders met in Granada for the final peace negotiations at the end of the war. After the war, the city was once again under Federation influence. However, the citizens harboured anti-Federation sentiments. When the Gryps Conflict broke out, the city openly sided with the AEUG resistance group.

The Flanagan Institute had a heavy presence in Granada during the war due to the Kycilia’s Mobile Assault Force. Most of the psycommu and psychoframe weaponry were developed in Granada. After the war, Anaheim Electronics had a greater presence, with its Granada plant manufacturing almost all of the Neo Zeon mobile suits.

Granada top view
Top view of Granada