FF-4 Toriares

By Jenxi Seow



FF-4 Toriares

The FF-4 Toriares was a fighter produced by the Earth Federation.


The Earth Federation used a variety of support vehicles in the One Year War.

The FF-4 Toriares was a fighter that could operate in space and in the Earth’s atmosphere. It was usually deployed as an interceptor.


The FF-4 Toriares was designed to be small and fast, allowing to intercept enemy vessels rapidly. However, the downside of such a design meant that it carried minimal firepower. Thus, it was only effective against enemy escape pods.


The Toriares was equipped with a pair of vulcan guns built into each side of its nose. Although these provided weak firepower, it was usually sufficient for the missions that the fighter was assigned to.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.