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Dish from Gundam Unicorn

The Dish was a patrol aircraft produced by the Earth Federation.


The Earth Federation used an array of aircraft in battlefields on Earth. These had been in service even before the One Year War.

Dish from "Gundam Unicorn"

Dish from Gundam Unicorn

The Dish was a small patrol aircraft that was carried out several functions including airborne early warning and control, electronic warfare, and transport. It was used for long-range target identification to optimise troop deployment. However, its effectiveness was diminished as Minovsky particle scattering systems became more widespread.

General Revil was flown to the Federation’s naval base in Belfast in late UC 0079 to inspect the Newtype crew on the Pegasus-class carrier White Base.

The aircraft remained in service even after the war. One unit was docked in the hangar of the Ra Cailum in UC 0096.


The Dish was designed with a large radome that protected a powerful long range radar. The radar was used for airborne early warning and control, and electronic warfare purposes.However, its effectiveness was diminished by the presence of Minovsky particle as the particles disrupted electromagnetic radiation, and thus hampered radar use.


The Dish was not designed for combat, so it was only equipped with a machine gun for defence.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.