By Jenxi Seow



Dabude-class land battleship

The Dabude-class was a line of heavy cruisers produced by the Principality of Zeon.


The Principality of Zeon saw the strengths of the Big Tray-class land battleships deployed by the Earth Federation during the One Year War. Drawing inspiration from the Federation’s concept of mobile artillery platform for use on land, Zeon developed the Dabude-class land battleship.

The Dabude-class battleships played an important role in defending against the Federation’s Operation Odessa. The Zeon battleships were pitted against Federation mobile platforms such as the Big Tray-class and the Heavy Fork-class

Captain M’quve commanded one of the Dabude-class battleships in Odessa.

Dabude-class land battleship from MS IGLOO

Dabude-class land battleship from MS IGLOO


The Dabude-class land battleship was designed as a mobile artillery platform to shell enemy positions. The artillery bombardment could also weaken fortifications and thin down enemy defences before mobile suit squads move in for an assault.

Although the Dabude-class battleship was inspired by the Big Tray-class battleship of the Earth Federation, it had caterpillar treads instead of hoverjets. This meant that the Zeon mobile platform was less mobile than its Federation counterpart.

The choice of a caterpillar tread was most likely due to the recoil of the ship’s cannons. The Dabude-class ship had outriggers on all four corners to brace itself from the recoil. When the outriggers were deployed, the battleship was a vulnerable stationary target that appeared like an emplaced artillery tower.

The bridge of the Dabude-class battleship was elevated above the main body to allow the crew to view the battle from a better vantage point. The design of the bridge tower made it look like a head protruding from the main body.

The battleship was not designed to carry mobile suits. However, it was usually escorted by a complement of mobile suits that were carried on on its deck.


The Dabude-class land battleship was armed with main cannons for artillery shelling and machine guns for anti-aircraft fire.

Main cannons

Two twin main cannon turrets were mounted on either sides of the Dabude-class battleship. These were used for artillery bombardment and had a long range of fire. However, they generated significant recoil when fired. This meant that the battleship had to stop and deploy its outriggers to brace itself from the recoil.

Machine guns

The Dabude-class battleship had two twin machine gun turrets mounted just below the bridge. These provided anti-aircraft cover and are strategically placed to defend the bridge from enemy fighters and mobile suits.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.