Side 5

By Jenxi Seow



Side 5 Loum was a space colony cluster located in front of the moon at Lagrangian Point L4 that belonged to the Earth Federation.

The cluster shared the Lagrangian Point with Side 2.


Side 5 was a colony cluster at Lagrangian Point L4. It witnessed the Battle of Loum that saw massive damage to the colonies, vessels and mobile suits. The resulting debris formed a shoal zone around the region.


  • Texas
  • Industrial 7
  • Watohoat


The Texas colony was privately owned by the Yashima Group, led by Shu Yashima. It was the only remaining colony after the Battle of Loum. It was designed for agricultural purposes but the reflector mirrors malfunctioned due to the battle and the colony was abandoned.

Industrial 7

Industrial 7 was a closed-type colony owned by Anaheim Electronics. Half of the two million population on the colony were Anaheim staff and their families. The factory and harbour segments faced the Earth while the colony builder unit Rokuro faced the moon.


Side 5 was one of the first places to be attacked by the Principality of Zeon at the start of the One Year War.

Operation British

After Zeon forces successfully executed Operation British by dropping Side 2 Colony 8 Island Iffish on Earth, Zeon forces attempted to seize colony Watohoat from Side 5 to drop on the Earth Federation capital Lhasa.

Federation General Revil’s 1st Combined Fleet intercepted the Zeon Space Attack Force commanded by Dolze Zabi. Both sides engaged in indiscriminate use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to bring a quick end to the war. Watohoat was completely destroyed.

Battle of Loum

The Battle of Loum caused the deaths of 3 billion people in the first week of war from 3 January to 10 January, later known as the One Week Battle.

Debris of colonies, vessels, and mobile suits from the battle led to the formation of a shoal zone around Side 5.

In UC 0090, a battle between anti-Federation group Colorde and the Federation’s Arahas force broke out in the Texas colony.


In UC 0218, the Federation collapsed and Side 5 became a member of CONSENT.