Side 2

By Jenxi Seow



Side 2 Hatte was a space colony cluster located at Lagrangian Point L4 that belonged to the Earth Federation. The Zanscare Empire was later established in Side 2.


Side 2 was a colony cluster at Lagrangian Point L4. It belonged to the Earth Federation.

The cluster shared the Lagrangian Point with Side 5.


  • Colony 8 Island Iffish
  • Colony 13
  • 18th Block
  • 21st Block
  • Amelia
  • Hellas


Amelia colony was the furthest from the moon in Side 2, thus it was chosen as the capital of the Zanscare Empire.


Side 2 was one of the first places to be attacked by the Principality of Zeon at the start of the One Year War.

Operation British

Colony 8 Island Iffish was used by Zeon in Operation British and was dropped on Earth. Its intended target was the Earth Federation headquarters Jaburo, but it hit Sydney, Australia instead.

Colony 13 received a coded warning messages informing the Federation that Zeon forces were mobilising for an attack. However, the transmisison was cut before the full message was delivered.

Gryps Conflict

During the Gryps Conflict, the 18th Block colony was destroyed by the Titans using Gryps II colony laser. The Titans unleashed G3 nerve gas on the 21st Block, wiping out the colony’s whole population.

Zanscare Empire

Queen Maria Pia Armonia established the Zanscare Empire in Side 2 in UC 0150. Colony Amelia was the capital of the Empire.


In UC 0218, the Federation collapsed and Side 2 became a member of CONSENT.

Notable citizens