Side 1

By Jenxi Seow



Side 1 Zahn was a space colony cluster located at Lagrangian Point L5 that served as the space capital for the Earth Federation.


Side 1 was a large colony cluster at Lagrangian Point L5. It was an important location for the Earth Federation and was often referred to as the Federation’s space capital.

The cluster shared the Lagrangian Point with Side 6.


  • Colony 1 Shangri-La
  • Colony 3 Eden
  • Colony 7 Koln
  • Colony 30
  • Londenion
  • Island Blade
  • Island Ease
  • Round Island
  • Pia Albanian
  • Sweetwater
  • Arkadia
  • Buch

Colony 1 Shangri-La

Shangri-La was the first colony to be built at the Side 1 cluster. After the war, the colony was cluttered with junk and debris.

Colony 30

The space colony was used for civilian residence and was home to ten million inhabitants. The colony was subject to a chemical attack by the Titans in UC 0085 that wiped out the whole population.


Londenion was an Island 3-type colony that housed five million inhabitants. It was the headquarters of the Federation’s Londo Bell task force.


Sweetwater was made by combining an Island 3 open-type colony with a closed-type colony. It was used as a refugeee camp through the One Year War, Gryps Conflict and the First Neo Zeon War. The colony became a base for the Second Neo Zeon Movement in UC 0090.

Round Island

Round Island was an Island 1-type colony used for construction purposes. It was purchased from the Colony Management Corporation by the Ronah family in UC 0084, and used as the headquarters of the Crossbone Vanguard in UC 0106.


Buch was a colony privately owned by Buch Concern. It was used to house vocational training schools and military industries. The colony also had a training facility for the Crossbone Vanguard private army.

Pia Albanian

The colony was home to a consultation bureau run by Queen Maria Pia Armonia of the Zanscare Empire.


Side 1’s prominence as the Earth Federation’s space capital made it an obvious target, and it was one of the first to be attacked by the Principality of Zeon at the start of the One Year War.

Delaz Conflict

During the Delaz Conflict in UC 0083, the Cima Fleet hijacked the colonies Island Ease and Island Blade to use them as weapons. The Cima forces feinted dropping the colonies on the lunar city of Von Braun, when the actual plan was to bounce Island Ease off Island Blade to drop the former on Earth.

Despite Federation efforts to stop the colony drop, Island Ease fell on Earth, wiping out large swathes of arable land in North America.

Colony 30 Incident

A peaceful demonstration was held in Colony 30 at Side 1 on 31 July UC 0085. As the protest started going out of control, the Titans responded by shutting down the colony’s air supply and pumped G3 nerve gas into the colony, wiping out all ten million inhabitants. This came to be known as the Colony 30 Incident.

The Federation ordered a complete press blackout but the truth eventually emerged. However, the Federation decided not to punish the Titans for their use of chemical weapons and indiscriminate massacre. As a result, AEUG was established to counter the extremist ideology of the Titans.

First Neo Zeon War

After the Gryps Conflict, AEUG had to deal with the threat of Neo Zeon. Federation ship Argama was undergoing repairs in Side 1’s Shangri-La colony when it was discovered and attacked by Zeon forces. Argama used the junk in the colony to its advantage to hide from Zeon while it finished its repairs.

Neo Zeon forces commanded by Rakan Dahkaran seized Side 1’s Arkadia colony in UC 0088.

Second Neo Zeon War

At the end of the First Neo Zeon War, the Federation’s Londo Bell task force established its headquarters at the Londenion colony in Side 1. The military base later served as the venue for peace negotiations between Federation Vice-Minister Adenaur Paraya and Neo Zeon leader Char Aznable.

Char used the Sweetwater colony as a base for the Second Neo Zeon Movement in UC 0090.

Crossbone Vanguard

The Crossbone Vanguard was on a quest to establish a space empire. The group held territories in Side 1, including Round Island and Buch. Colony 7 Koln in Side 1 was a battleground when Federation and Zeon Remnants clashed in UC 0122.

Settlement Freedom League

In UC 0218, the Federation collapsed and Side 1 became a member of the Settlement Freedom League.

Notable citizens

Colony 1 Shangri-La

Colony 3 Eden



Pia Albanian