About MechaBay.


On 1 February 2009, Jenxi Seow and Michael Lee founded MechaBay. They contributed to the Gundam Wiki as administrators. They decided to establish a self-hosted projected due to the lack of standardisation on the Wiki and the constrains of using a wiki system.

The articles on the Gundam Wiki were in a mess due to disorganised duplication of Wikipedia articles. Heavy advertising on the Gundam Wiki further contributed to the chaotic appearance.


MechaBay strives to be the most definitive and accurate reference for popular mecha series.

The site design is clean and simple, devoid of unnecessary clutter. Rather than focusing excessively on mecha specifications, MechaBay works towards a balance between technical information and other in-universe content, such as articles about the characters, organisations and factions.

The aim of the articles is to be readable and encyclopaedic.

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