MechaBay is the ultimate source for all things mecha.

We dive into the world of mecha—the genre that inspired generations of fans to pursue careers and hobbies in robotics, animation, the arts, writing, design, model-making, and more. These fantastical mechas and their stories have not only shaped our identities but continue to leave indelible marks on our lives.

Our goal is to enrich this genre by serving as a comprehensive resource for fans, both new and seasoned.

MechaBay provides readable and definitive reference for popular mecha series. Since our launch on 1 February 2009, we’ve worked towards a balance between technical information and other in-universe content, such as characters, factions, and locations.

Our aim is to make learning about your favourite mecha series not just informative, but also an enjoyable experience.

Jenxi Seow

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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