RGM-89G Jegan Ground Type A

By Jenxi Seow




Model number: RGM-89G

Code name: Jegan Ground Type A

Type: Mass production ground combat mobile suit

Completed: Unknown

First deployment: Unknown

Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics



Crew: Pilot only

Cockpit: Panoramic monitor with linear seat

Cockpit location: Torso

Height: 19.0 m (head); Unknown (total)

Mass: 20.3 t (empty); 44.8 t (gross)

Armor: Gundarium alloy

Sensors: Standard; unknown range


Power plant: Minovsky fusion reactor

Power output: 1,870 kW

Propulsion: 61,400 kg (total)

Max speed: Unknown

180° turn time: Unknown

Thrust-to-weight ratio: Unknown



  • 1 x vulcan pod system
  • 1 x beam saber
  • 3 x hand grenade


  • None


Developed from:

Developed into: None


The RGM-89G Jegan Ground Type A was a ground combat mobile suit mass produced by Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation. It was a variant of the RGM-89 Jegan.

The “R” in the model code meant it was a Federation model[1] and the “GM” that it was a Gundam mass production mobile suit. The “89” in the model code denoted that it was developed from the RGM-89 Jegan and the “G” suffix indicated that it was a ground type mobile suit.


Anaheim Electronics developed the RMG-89 Jegan mobile suit for the Earth Federation specifically for close combat in space. The RGM-89G Jegan Ground Type A was a variant of the Jegan designed in response to the specific needs of the Earth Federation on Earth.

The Jegan Ground Type A served as the backbone unit for the Federation Forces in the early UC 100s. Its combat effectiveness was evident as it saw action in various engagements, including battles in dense forests and urban landscapes.

A notable deployment occurred in April UC 0105 when the Jegan Ground Type A was dispatched to assist with firefighting efforts following a Mafty attack on the Philippine city of Davao.


Anaheim Electronics designed the RGM-89G Jegan Ground Type A to excel in ground combat. It featured distinctive searchlights on each shoulder and a unique front skirt armour configuration, enhancing its adaptability in terrestrial environments.

The Jegan Ground Type A had an ultracompact Minovsky power plant that generated an output of 1,870 kW. It had an array of rocket thrusters that generated 61,400 kg of thrust.

The mobile suit had a standard cockpit in its torso with a panoramic monitor and linear seat.

The Jegan Ground Type A used a new backpack design inspired by that of the old RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type from the One Year War. It had a winch on the backpack to transport equipment or supplies.


The Jegan Ground Type A’s standard weapons were a beam saber for for melee combat, a Vulcan pod system for close-range combat, and three hand grenades.

Vulcan pod system

The vulcan pod system was a close-range weapon mounted on the Jegan Ground Type A’s head. Developed from the vulcan pod used by the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II, it was smaller and semi-fixed. It included a gatling vulcan gun was mounted on left of the head, and a removable magazine was mounted in the right that stored case-less rounds.

The vulcan pod system provided a relatively low firepower but was effective at keeping enemies at bay. It could destroy camera, sensors, and joints at very close range. It also served as missile defence.

Beam saber

The Jegan Ground Type A had a beam saber stored in the rack on the right side of its waist for melee combat. The saber’s had variable output due to its dual beam emitters that could be adjusted to emit a flat beam blade for slashing or a slim beam blade for stabbing.

The beam saber used an I-field to contain Minovsky particles within the shape of a blade. Minovsky particles were channelled into the sabres through an energy capacitor (E-cap) attached to their hilts. Minovsky particles broke down matter at a molecular level. This meant that the beam saber could cut through almost any material.

The E-cap recharged with Minvosky particles from the Jegan Ground Type A’s reactor when the saber was stored in the recharge rack in the rear waist armour of the mobile suit. The rack used an accelerator-equipped capacitor system to deliver fast charging.

Hand grenades

The mobile suit had three hand grenades mounted on the left side of its waist. These were used in close combat and could be set to explode after several second or when it detected the metal of enemy machines in close proximity.


RGM-89Gmh Jegan Ground Type A (Man Hunter)

The Federation Criminal Police Organization (FCPO) used the Man Hunter variant for crowd control.


A Jegan Ground Type A equipped with fire extinguishing equipment deployed from the Davao Air Base to put out fires after Mafty’s diversionary attack.

Behind the scenes

Hajime Katoki and Seiichi Nakatani were the original mechanical designers.


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  1. Federation in Japanese is renpou, hence the use of “R”.