By Jenxi Seow




The Pazock-class was a line of transport ship produced by the Principality of Zeon.


As part of its move to modernise its fleets, the Principality of Zeon worked on a new transport ship design to replace the Papua-class ships. The resulting Pazock-class was developed to be used as the mainstay of the Zeon logistical fleet during the One Year War.

The Pazock-class transport ships were deployed within Zeon-controlled space to carry mobile suits. The Papua-class was relegated to use in operations with higher risks, such as resupplying the front line.

The transport ship was a success and several units remained in service well into UC 0083. These Pazock-class vessels resupplied the Delaz Fleet and the Cima Fleet during Operation Stardust.


When the Earth Federation developed mobile suits, the Principality of Zeon had to adapt to the evolution of warfare. The old Papua-class transport ships were ill-equipped to deal with attacks from mobile suits and had smaller capacity. This led to the Zeon engineers developing a new supply ship.

The Pazock-class transport ship was designed to carry mobile suits and supplies. While most of these ships were unarmed and relied on escorts for protection, some vessels were equipped with weapons especially if they had to travel through high risk regions.


The Pazock-class transport ship was armed with machine gun turrets for defence.

Gun turrets

There were many machine gun turrets mounted on the ship. These were used mainly for anti-aircraft and anti-mobile suit defence.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.