MS-07A Gouf

By Jenxi Seow



MS-07A Gouf

The MS-07A Gouf an early production ground combat mobile suit developed by the Principality of Zeon. It was also referred to as the A-type Gouf.


During the One Year War, the MS-06J Zaku II Ground Combat Type was instrumental as Zeon pushed the Earth Federation back in many battle fronts on Earth. However, the J-type Zaku II was a ground combat variant modified from the successful MS-06F Zaku II.

Zeon decided to create an improved design that was built with specially for ground combat to replace the J-type Zaku II. The YMS-07A Prototype Gouf was the product of Zeon’s research and it was then refined into the mass production model MS-07A Gouf.

Limited units were produced and most of them were used for testing and training purposes. However, some units were deployed in combat during the One Year War, most notably by the Midnight Fenrir team.

It was later replaced by the MS-07B Gouf, the final version of the Gouf design.

Zaku II Early Production Type”


The MS-07A Gouf was designed for ground combat. It was developed from the YMS-07A Prototype Gouf. Expensive and complex equipment was stripped from the Prototype Gouf to make the Gouf cheaper and feasible for mass production.


The standard weapon for the Prototype Gouf were still in development so it used the 120 mm machine gun designed for the Zaku II.

120 mm machine gun

The ZMP-50D machine gun was developed specifically for the Zaku II line. It was drum-fed with 100 rounds per drum. It did not require power to be fired. However, that reduced its effectiveness against heavy armour.

ZMP-50D 120 mm machine gun (Mobile Suit Gundam version)

ZMP-50D 120 mm machine gun

Heat Sword

The Heat Sword was a battery-powered melee weapon designed for the Gouf. It was based on the Heat Hawk design. It took the shape of a broadsword, giving it a longer reach and larger cutting edge than the tomahawk form of the Heat Hawk.

The Heat Sword was stored in the shield when not in use.


The Gouf had a shield mounted on its left arm. While the shield provided defence against conventional melee weapons and projectile weapons, it was unable to withstand beam weaponry.

Known pilots

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.