The Moon

By Jenxi Seow



The Moon was home to several cities and bases in the Universal Century. It was first colonised by mankind and its ore was mined for the construction of the space colonies.


Von Braun

Von Braun was the first city to be built on the Moon. It was also the largest lunar city. Named after German rocket scientist Werhner Von Braun, the city was built on the landing site of Apollo 11 where mankind first set foot on the Moon.

The city belonged to the Earth Federation and specialised in manufacturing heavy equipment. An Anaheim Electronics facility was later established in the city to work on the Gundam Development Project in UC 0083. The facility was involved in several prototype mobile suit projects.


Granada was a base held by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. It served as the headquarters for the Zeon Mobile Assault Force led by Kycilia Zabi. It was home to the Flanagan Institute.

It was chosen as the venue for the peace negotiations between the Earth Federation and Zeon at the end of the war in January UC 0080. After the war, the base was occupied by the Federation and served as the headquarters for the AEUG and Anaheim Electronics took over the Flanagan Institute facilities.


The Autonomous Lunar City Aires was one of the oldest bases built on the Moon. It was a southern city that faced away from the Earth. The city was held by the Earth Federation. However, Aires City joined the rebels of New Desides in UC 0088 and the city was destroyed in the battle between the Federation and rebellion.


Anaheim city was the headquarters of Anaheim Electronics. Most of the company’s mobile suit factories had been relocated to Von Braun and Granada.


Amman was a base that belonged to Anaheim Electronics. In retaliation of Amman’s support of AEUG forces during the Gryps Conflict, Titans destroyed the base through missile bombardment.


The lunar base Technetium was built in UC 150 to develop mobile suits for League Militaire.

Neo Cartagena

Neo Cartagena was a base where the Zanscare Empire developed prototype mobile armours. The base was established in UC 149.