Luna II

By Jenxi Seow



Luna II was a mining asteroid located at Lagrangian Point L3 near Side 7. It later became a military base for the Earth Federation and the Federation special task force ECOAS.


The Earth Federation mined Luna II for resources needed for the construction of space colonies. It was later moved to Lagrangian Point L3 to provide resources for the construction of Side 7.

Luna II was located on the opposite of the Earth from the Moon and was far away from other space colonies. While this allowed the Federation to proceed with its Project V in secret, the asteroid was an awkward location for the Federation as an important military base.


Luna II served as a mining asteroid for the Earth Federation, providing resources used to construct space colonies. The Federation built a military base in on the asteroid and Luna II became the headquarter of the Federation’s space forcein UC 0060.

The Federation moved the asteroid to Lagrangian Point L3 in UC 0070 to facilitate the construction of the new colony cluster Side 7. When the One Year War broke out in UC 0079, Luna II’s distance from the Moon and other space colonies became an advantage. Most of the Federation’s lunar and space bases had been devastated by the ferocious attck of the Principality of Zeon. Luna II was one of the Federation’s last remaining foothold in space.

The base was crucial in supporting the Federation’s space fleet and served as a staging area for its space forces. Being the Federation’s space stronghold, Luna II was spared from large scale battles throughout the war.

In UC 0096, Luna II served as the base for the Fedreation special task force ECOAS.