G-Fighter Assault Landing Type

By Jenxi Seow



G-Fighter Assault Landing Type

The G-Fighter Assault Landing Type was an assault fighter produced by the Earth Federation.


Following the success of the G-Fighter Bomber Type, the Earth Federation developed the G-Fighter Space Type for space usage. The concept proved effective, leading the Federation scientists to continue using the G-Fighter as a bases for new models.

The G-Fighter Assault Landing Type was designed as a troop carrier. It was equipped with enough fire-power to break through enemy defences and breach their fortifications. The fighter would then land and deploy its troops for a ground assault.


The G-Fighter Assault Landing Type was developed from theG-Fighter Space Type.

Instead of the additional rocket engine that the Space Type was equipped with, the Assault Landing Type had a personnel compartment that could carry up to thirty soldiers.


The G-Fighter Assault Landing Type was armed with mega particle cannons and missile launchers for ranged attacks, and bunker busters to breach enemy fortifications.

Rocket launchers

There were a pair of rocket launchers mounted on the top of fighter, just behind the canopy cockpit. The rockets could be used against enemy mobile suits, ships or ground targets.

Bunker busters

The G-Fighter Assault Landing Type was equipped with two bunker busters, one mounted on each side. These were deep penetration bombs that able to punch through enemy fortifications, allowing the landing troops to easily bypass enemy defences.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.