Don Escargot

By Jenxi Seow



Don Escargot

The Don Escargot was an anti-submarine attack aircraft produced by the Earth Federation.


The Earth Federation used an array of aircraft in battlefields on Earth. These had been in service even before the One Year War.

The Don Escargot was an anti-submarine attack aircraft designed to take out submarine targets. These were eventually phased out with the emergence of mobile weapon warfare.


The aircraft had an unconventional design with two pairs of wings. It was built with a large fuselage to accomodate the missiles and depth charges that were its primary weapons.


The Don Escargot was equipped with machine guns for anti-aircraft defence, and missiles and depth charges for submarine targets.

Anti-submarine missiles

The Don Escargot carried anti-submarine missiles that it used to neutralise underwater targets, mainly enemy submarines.

Machine guns

The attack aircraft had two machine guns mounted on each side of its fuselage. One pair of guns were fore-facing, while the other faced aft. These four guns were used to defend the Don Escargot against enemy aircraft.

Depth charges

The Don Escargot was equipped with depth charges. Although they lacked the precision of a guided missile, these charges carried multiple warheads and dealt a more devastating blow when dropped over enemy positions.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.