Depp Rog

By Jenxi Seow



Depp Rog from MSV

The Depp Rog was a heavy atmospheric bomber produced by the Earth Federation.


The Earth Federation used an array of aircraft in battlefields on Earth. These had been in service even before the One Year War.

Depp Rog

Depp Rog from Mobile Suit Gundam

The Depp Rog was a heavy bomber used to carry out tactical and strategic bombing missions against the Principality of Zeon. It formed the core of the Federation’s Air Force.

The bomber was eventually phased out when mobile weapons became the primary mode of warfare.


The Earth Federation produced the Fly Manta, which functioned as a fighter and a bomber. The Depp Rog was designed for longer range bombing missions and could carry a heavier payload compared to the Fly Manta.

The Depp Rog required a crew of seven persons: a pilot, a co-pilot, a bombardier, and three gunners to man the cannons.


The bomber was armed with laser cannons and missiles for anti-aicraft measures, and bombs for bombing runs.

Laser cannons

There were five laser cannons mounted on the Depp Rog. These were manned by the gunners and used primary against enemy aircrafts and mobile weapons.

Anti-aircraft missiles

The bomber was equipped with several missiles that were used to take out enemy aircraft. These were also used against mobile weapons.


The Depp Rog carried many bombs that were dropped on targets on the surface. These were used in both tactical and strategic bombings.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.