By Jenxi Seow



Beehive Columbus-class transport ship from Gundam Unicorn
Beehive from Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt

The Beehive

Columbus-class transport ship Beehive from Gundam Unicorn
Columbus-class transport ship Beehive from Gundam Unicorn

Production overview

Class: Columbus

Type: Transport ship

Completed: Unknown

First deployment: Unknown

Manufacturer: Earth Federation

Operator: Earth Federation

Developed from: None

Developed into: None

Variants: None

General characteristics

Crew: Unknown

Total length: Unknown

Total height: Unknown

Wingspan: Unknown

Empty weight: Unknown

Gross weight: Unknown

Armour: Unknown

Sensors: Standard

Sensor range: Unknown


Power plant: Unknown

Power output: Unknown

Propulsion: Many x rocket engine

Max speed: Unknown



  • 6 x mega particle cannon


  • 60 x mobile suit
  • 12 x mobile weapons

Launch catapults: 4


The Columbus-class ships served as supply ships for the Earth Federation prior to the One Year War. When the war broke out, many of these ships were converted to carry fighters, and later on, mobile suits. The Beehive was a modified version that served as the mothership for the Moore Brotherhood.

Under the command of Captain Claudia Peer, the Beehive fought against Principality of Zeon forces for control of Side 4.

The ship sustained heavy damage during a Zeon attack and Claudia ordered all hands to abandon ship. The surviving Beehive crew captured the Zeon ship Dried Fish but surrendered when Zeon reinforcements arrived. The Beehive was assumed to have been sunk in battle.


Designed as supply ships for the Earth Federation, the Columbus-class ships had a pair of large cargo bays. The Beehive was built by combining two Columbus-class ships to increase the storage space. The larger hangar space allowed the Beehive to carry 60 mobile suits and a dozen RB-79 Ball units, along with spare parts and supplies needed for the maintenance of the machines and crew.

The ship had four launch catapults added to allow its mobile suits to launch with better efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Unlike the usual ships of the line, the Beehive mounted six large mega particle cannons that made it capable of facing off enemy ships.

Behind the scenes

The design was created for the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (manga) and adapted in the anime.