YMS-09 Prototype Dom

By Jenxi Seow



YMS-09 Prototype Dom

The YMS-09 Prototype Dom was a prototype high performance ground combat mobile suit developed by the Principality of Zeon.


During the One Year War, Zeon produced the MS-07B Gouf to effectively combat Earth Federation forces on Earth. Although the Gouf performed better than its predecessor, the MS-06J Zaku II Ground Combat Type, its high production costs led to Zeon looking for an alternative design as the mainstay of its ground forces.

The Zimmad Company had designed the prototype MS-08TX Efreet for close combat. It also modified the MS-07B Gouf developed by the Zeonic Company to produce the MS-07C-5 Gouf Prototype, an experimental ground combat mobile suit.

Drawing from its experience of developing these two suits, the Zimmad Company designed the revolutionary YMS-09 Prototype Dom. By coming up with the blueprints from scratch, the Zimmad Company was able to create a cheaper but better mobile suit. Two units were constructed at the Zimmad factory in [Side 3][] and these were dispatched to Zeon’s California Base on Earth for field testing.

The Prototype Dom was put through the paces and trial results proved that the design was a resounding success. The mobile suit was then modified into a mass production version, the MS-09 Dom. The Dom would go on and become the mainstay of Zeon’s ground forces.


The YMS-09 Prototype Dom was a completely new design developed from the MS-08TX Efreet and the MS-07C-5 Gouf Prototype. The Prototype Dom was designed to be faster than its predecessors. Previous mobile suit designs had to move on the ground by running or using jet-assisted jumps. The Zeon scientists came up with the novel idea of having the mobile suit hover on the ground so that it could travel faster.

A series of high-powered thermonuclear jet engines were built into its legs and under the waist armour. This allowed the Prototype Dom to hover at speeds up to 240 kilometres per hour, a few times faster than the average running speed of a mobile suit. The maximum running speed of the MS-06J Zaku II Ground Combat Type was 80 kilometres per hour.

This design also allowed the Prototype Dom to change directions quickly, making it highly manoeuvrable.


The standard weapons used by the Prototype Dom were a ranged weapon and a Heat Sabre for melee combat.

Heat Sabre

The Heat Sabre was a battery-powered melee weapon designed for the Prototype Dom. It was a refinement of the Heat Hawk. Instead of a sword-shaped melee weapon, the blade of the Heat Sabre took the form of a simple rod. This made it cheaper and easier to be manufactured.

It was stored in a recharging dock when not in use.

360 mm giant bazooka

The H&L-GB03K/360 mm giant bazooka was the main weapon of the Prototype Dom. It was magazine-fed from a ten-round clip. The heavy weapon allowed the Prototype Dom to make full use of its speed and deal maximum damage.

Known pilots


Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.