By Jenxi Seow



Penta was a relay station in low Earth orbit built by the Earth Federation to service their military space vessels.


Penta was the main relay station in low Earth orbit for Earth Federation military space vessels. It was used as a relay point for transfer of personnel and supplies between the Earth surface and space.

Being in orbit around Earth, the Federation only needed to maintain a transportation form the Earth surface to Penta instead of having to coordinate with the travel times of its space vessels. Penta would then transfer the personnel or supplies when the space vessels reach the space station.

Penta had five cylindrical columns extending from the centre. Each column was a docking bay. Vessesls from the surface and spaec would dock at these five docking bays to load and unload supplies or for maintenance.


After the failed Pezun Rebellion against the Earth Federation, survivors of New Desides seized Penta on 4 April UC 0088. The rebels escaped to Earth in three Enterprise-class shuttles.

The Federation was able to regain control of Penta after it had been abandoned by the rebels.