Junior Mobile Suit

By Jenxi Seow



The Junior Mobile Suit was a worker mobile suit mass produced by Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation.


Anaheim Electronics produced the Junior Mobile Suit for the Earth Federation. It was a small civilian-use mobile suit for construction and industrial work. It was widely used in Earth Federation territories.

AEUG sponsor Wong Lee piloted a Junior Mobile Suit on the Moon in UC 0087. Another notable unit was deployed at the Federation’s Torrington Base in Australia in UC 0096.

Junior Mobile Suit from Z-MSV

Junior Mobile Suit from Z-MSV


Anaheim Electronics developed the Junior Mobile Suit for construction and industrial work. As it was built for civilian use, the Junior Mobile Suit was smaller than military mobile suits. It had an open cockpit in its torso to allow its pilot to have a clear view of the surroundings without the need for visual cameras. The Junior Mobile Suit was shorter than military suits and thus closer to the ground, allowing it to do away with the need for cameras.

Junior Mobile Suit cockpit

Junior Mobile Suit cockpit


The Junior Mobile Suit could equip a hyper beam gun to fend for itself, although it was severely limited by the lack of more advanced sensors and a targeting system.

Hyper beam gun

The hyper beam gun was a ranged weapon made small enough for the Junior Mobile Suit to use.

The hyper beam gun drew its rounds from energy capacitors (E-caps), clips of charged Minovsky particles. Minovksy particles broke down matter at a molecular level, allowing the beam gun bolts to penetrate even the thickest armour. However, the small size of the gun meant its output was much lower than a military grade mobile suit beam gun.

Hyper beam gun

Hyper beam gun

Known pilot

Behind the scenes

Unknown original mechanical designer.