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Colombus-class transport ship

The Columbus-class was a line of transport ship produced by the Earth Federation. These were built as supply ships but were converted into fighter carriers, and later into mobile suit carriers.


The Columbus-class ships served as supply ships for the Earth Federation prior to the One Year War. When the war broke out, many of these ships were converted to serve as fighter carriers for the FF-4 Toriares and FF-S3 Saberfish spacefighters.

After the Earth Federation started mass producing mobile suits late in the war, many Columbus-class ships were converted to carry and resupply mobile weapons from the GM and Ball lines. Some were modified to transport the Public-class gunships into battle.

During the New Desides rebellion of UC 0088, Columbus-class transport ships were used by both the Earth Federation and New Desides forces. A modified Columbus-class ship was used as a control ship for both Solar System superweapons.

The Columbus-class ships remained in service until as late as UC 0096 where they were deployed during the Laplace Incident.

Columbus-class transport ship from Mobile Suit Gundam: Origin
Columbus-class transport ship from Mobile Suit Gundam: Origin


The Columbus-class transport ship was designed to supply the Earth Federation fleets in space. These transport ships had a pair of large cargo bays for transferring large quantities of supplies. When the One Year War broke out, this capacity made the Columbus-class ships ideal for transporting spacefighters and mobile suits.

As the Earth Federation already had many of the Columbus-class transport ship in service, it was easier to refit them rather than to design and manufacture a dedicated mobile suit transport ship. However, being modified from their original purpose meant that these ships performed poorly. They had no armaments and had to be accompanied by an armed escort.

Colombus-class transport ship back view
Rear view of a Columbus-class transport ship
Colombus-class transport ship bottom view
Bottom of view of a Colombus-class transport ship

The underside of the Columbus-class ships were refitted to allow multiple GM units to refuel and resupply quickly in the field.

Colombus-class transport ship

Production overview

Class: Columbus

Type: Transport ship

Completed: Unknown

First deployment: Unknown

Manufacturer: Earth Federation

Operator: Earth Federation

Developed from: None

Developed into: Columbus Kai-class

Variants: None

General characteristics

Crew: Unknown

Total length: 145 m

Total height: Unknown

Wingspan: 110 m

Empty weight: Unknown

Gross weight: Unknown

Armour: Unknown

Sensors: Standard

Sensor range: Unknown


Power plant: Unknown

Power output: Unknown

Propulsion: 8 x rocket engine

Max speed: Unknown


Armaments: None

Hangar: Unknown

Launch catapults: None

Notable ships

Behind the scenes

Yoshiyuki Tomino was the principal mechanical designer. Kunio Okawara assisted by cleaning up the design.