AMX-007 Gaza-E

By Jenxi Seow



The AMX-007 Gaza-E was a transformable mobile suit mass produced by Neo Zeon. The “AMX” in the model code refers to it being an Axis Zeon mobile weapon. The “007” in the model code indicates that it was the seventh mobile weapon designed by Axis Zeon.

The Gaza-E was initially designated MMT-3, where “MMT” stood refers to it being a mass produce mobile suit that was transformable. It was later redesignated as AMX-007 in line with all mobile suits produced by Axis Zeon.


After the defeat of the Principality of Zeon to the Earth Federation in the One Year War in UC 0080, some Zeon remnant forces chose to go into hiding within the Earth Sphere, while others fled the Earth Sphere. Large groups of Zeon forces escaped to the Zeon asteroid base Axis in the Asteroid Belt during and after the war.

The Zeon forces that were stationed at the base and the refugees that joined them became Axis Zeon. The Axis Zeon forces used the construction mobile suits Gaza-A and Gaza-B as the foundation for the combat mobile suit development program. The AMX-003 (MMT-1) Gaza-C was the first mass production combat mobile suit produced by Axis Zeon. The Gaza-C served as the backbone of the Axis Zeon forces through the Gryps Conflict.

Using the feedback and data gathered from the Gaza-C units in the field, the Axis Zeon developed the AMX-006 Gaza-D. It had better performance compared to the Gaza-C, with improvements to its power output, speed and manoeuvrability. At the start of the First Neo Zeon War in UC 0088, Neo Zeon gradually replaced the Gaza-C with the Gaza-D as the mainstay of their forces.

The success of the Gaza line resulted in both the Gaza-C and Gaza-D being widely used by Neo Zeon in the war. The Zeon engineers on the asteroid base Axis continued to developing the Gaza concept. Although the Gaza-D was the most refined transformable mobile suit then, the engineers realised that producing a well-balanced mobile weapon that was capable in both mobile suit and mobile armour modes would not allow them to reach further breakthrough. Instead, they opted to make some sacrifices.

AMX-007 Gaza-E from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

AMX-007 Gaza-E from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

The Zeon engineers developed the AMX-007 Gaza-E and the AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn simultaneously. They were both still transformable mobile weapons, but they were not well-rounded designs like their predecessors.The Gaza-E was specialised for the mobile armour mode, while the Ga-Zowmn excelled in the mobile suit mode.

Due to its high cost of production, which was twice that of the Gaza-C, the Gaza-E only saw a limited production run. Several Gaza-E units were deployed by the spaceship Gwaley to provide cover when the New Desides escaped from Aires on 28 March UC 0088. At least one unit was present onboard the spaceship Gwadan during the final stages of the Gryps Conflict.


The Neo Zeon developed the AMX-007 Gaza-E as a transformable mobile suit that specialised in the mobile armour mode. It was designed to be deployed in combat with the AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn that specialised in the mobile suit mode.

AMX-007 Gaza-E in mobile suit mode

AMX-007 Gaza-E in mobile suit mode

The Gaza-E was built with Gundarium alloy. It was a reproduction of the Luna Titanium alloy used by RX-78-2 Gundam that Zeon developed on Axis by Anaheim Electronics.

Six rocket thrusters with a combined output of 59,300 kg provided main propulsion for Gaza-E. Seven sets of vernier thruster and apogee motors provided fine adjustments. The Gaza-E could fly in atmosphere in mobile armour mode even when it was carrying another mobile suit on its back. This allowed it to function as a sub-flight system akin to the Base Jabber and Dodai Custom.

AMX-007 Gaza-E in mobile armour mode

AMX-007 Gaza-E in mobile armour mode

The Gaza-E was equipped with a standard panoramic cockpit with linear seat. Instead of the cockpit in torso commonly seen in the Universal Century, its cockpit was located in the mobile suit’s head, below the main camera. This was done to simplify the transformation system by removing the need to account for the cockpit in the torso when transforming between the mobile suit and mobile armour modes.

A sensor radome was standard mounted equipment that gave the Gaza-E extended sensor range, making it a useful scout.

AMX-007 Gaza-E rear view

AMX-007 Gaza-E rear view


The AMX-007 Gaza-E’s standard weapons were missile pods and beam cannons. It was not armed with melee weapons as it generally performed poorly in mobile suit mode. However, it could equip a bazooka to dish out some handheld ranged attack.

Beam cannons

The Gaza-E’s primary weapon was a pair of beam cannons mounted its shoulder binders. These heavy cannons had power output rated at 10 megawatts each. The cannons were mainly used in mobile armour mode as their firing angle was fixed.

The cannons drew their rounds from the Gaza-E’s reactor. Minovsky particles broke down matter at a molecular level, allowing the beam cannon bolts to penetrate even the thickest armour. The high power output meant that a single shot could destroy a mobile suit or damage a space battleship.

Missile pods

The Gaza-E’s two shoulder binders mounted a 24-tube missile pod each. The missile pods could be used in either mobile suit or mobile armour mode. The missiles were effective against armoured enemies, but they were also slow against nimbler targets.


The bazooka was the only handheld armament the Gaza-E could equip. It packed a greater punch than the knuckle buster used by the AMX-003 (MMT-1) Gaza-C and the AMX-006 Gaza-D. However, the bazooka had a slower rate of fire and standard issue included only five rounds.

Behind the scenes

Hajime Katoki was the original mechanical designer.