Sunrise, Inc

By Jenxi Seow



Sunrise, Inc. (株式会社サンライズ Kabushiki gaisha Sanraizu) is a Japanese animation studio and production company. It was formerly known and Nippon Sunrise and Sunrise Studios. The company has its headquarters in Suginami, Tokyo and is a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings.


Sunrise Studios, Limited was formed in 1972 by former members of Mushi Productions. The company shifted from the tradition of anime production revolving around a single creator, which was how Mushi operated, to production headed by the producers. Sunrise decided to focus on mecha anime to differentiate itself from mainstream anime that was dominated by manga adaptations, sports anime and adaptations of children’s stories. Mecha anime was known to be harder to animate but could be used to sell toys.[foot]“ANNtv Inside Sunrise”. Anime News Network. 17 May 2011.[/foot]

Sunrise had a close working relationship with toy manufacturer Bandai, which primarily sold mecha anime toys. In 1993, Sunrise was purchased by Bandai, which later merged with Namco.

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