Side 7

By Jenxi Seow



Side 7 Noa was a space colony cluster located at Lagrangian Point L3 belonging to Earth Federation.


Side 7 was a colony cluster consisting of two colonies. It was built at Lagrangian Point L3, isolated from the other Langrangian Points. The nearest location was Luna II, the headquarters of the Earth Federation Space Force. Luna II was moved to Lagrangian Point L3 to facilitate the construction of Side 7.

Side 7 was built as a research facility for the Federation. It later became the headquarters of the Titans division of the Federation.


  • Green Noa 1
  • Green Noa 2/Gryps

Green Noa 1

Green Noa was the first colony in the Side 7 cluster. It was renamed Green Noa 1 when the second colony Green Noa 2 was built. The colony was developed as a research and development facility for the Federation. Construction of the colony was only completed in UC 0080 but it had already been inhabited several years prior to its completion.

Green Noa 2/Gryps

The second colony, Green Noa 2, was completed to the cluster in UC 0085. It was built as a military base and was operated by the Titans. Green Noa 2 was widely recognised as the most advanced military base in the Earth Sphere when it was completed. The colony was renamed Gryps to make it easier to refer to the base.

The colony had two segments, named Gryps 1 and Gryps 2. Gryps 2 was later converted into a colony laser.


Side 7 was an incomplete space colony in UC 0079. Earth Federation had a hidden research facility for Project V in the colony.

One Year War

During the One Year War, Principality of Zeon received intelligence about the secret facility and a strike force infiltrated Side 7 in September UC 0079 with orders to capture or destroy prototypes. Federation forces were able to repel the Zeon attacks and escape in the assault carrier White Base.

Gryps Conflict

After the war, the colony was completed and named Green Noa 1. A second colony was completed in UC 0085 and named Green Noa 2.

Green Noa 2 was used by Titans as their space headquarters and it was developed into the most advanced military base in the Earth Sphere at that time. Green Noa 2 was renamed Gryps in UC 0087 and iIts two segments were named Gryps 1 and Gryps 2.

AEUG forces stole the prototype RX-178 Gundam MK II from Gryps on 2 March UC 0087, marking the start of the Gryps Conflict.

Titans modified Gryps 2 into a colony laser in early UC 0088 at the culmination of the Gryps Conflict. Titans, AEUG and Axis Zeon all sought to seize control of the weapon of mass destruction.


In UC 0218, the Federation collapsed and Side 7 became a member of CONSENT.

Notable citizens