MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai

By Jenxi Seow



The MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai was a prototype assault mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics for the AEUG. The “MSR” in the model code indicate that it was a mobile suit revival of the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki design. The “00100” in the model code was to reflect its name, which meant Hundredth Type. The Hyaku-Shiki was named with hope for the next century of mobile suits. The model code MSR-100 was often used for brevity and convenience.


The AEUG engaged Anaheim Electronics to embark on Project Zeta to develop their next generation mobile suits during the Gryps Conflict. The goal of the project was to produce transformable mobile suit MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. The MSN-001 Delta Gundam was an early proposal rejected as it could not fit the transformation system. Instead of discarding the good design, Anaheim engineers revised it to create the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki.

The MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai was an revised version of the Hyaku-Shiki. Using data gathered from the Hyaku-Shiki, the Hyaku-Shiki Kai had improved wing binders and more powerul thrusters to give it greater performance than its predecessor.

A Hyaku-Shiki Kai unit served on Londo Bell flagship Nahel Argama in UC 0090.

Anaheim Electronics also designed a mass production version MSR-00100S Hyaku-Shiki Kai Mass Production Type based on the Hyaku-Shiki Kai, but it was not mass produced due to high manufacturing costs and prominence in the battle field due to its coating. The FA-100S Full Armour Hyaku-Shiki Kai was a heavy armour variant of the Hyaku-Shiki Kai.

MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai


The MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai had modifications to improve its performance and to boost its fire-power.

It used a bright, reflective gold paint coating that made it a distinct target in battle. However, actual data indicated that the gold paint had only slightly better anti-beam properties compared to other anti-beam coating.

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai was built with Gundarium alloy. It was a reproduction of the Luna Titanium alloy used by RX-78-2 Gundam that Zeon developed on Axis by Anaheim Electronics.

Rocket thrusters with a combined output of 78,500 kg provided main propulsion for the Hyaku-Shiki Kai, more than the 74,400 kg in the Hyaku-Shiki. Twelve sets of vernier thruster and apogee motors provided fine adjustments. This made it faster than the Hyaku-Shiki. Its flexible wing binders also saw modifications that made improved its manoeuvrability. It could mount a ballute system to allow it to survive unassisted atmospheric entry.

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai had a standard panoramic cockpit with linear seat in its torso. It used an Image Directive Encode System that included a visor sensor and dual sensors on the back. The system enhanced its sensor capability without boosting the range.


The MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s standard weapons were beam sabres for melee combat and beam rifle for ranged attack. It also had a Gatling gun pod and a beam laser pod mounted on its shoulders, and pulse laser guns for ranged attack. It could optionally equip a mega bazooka launcher for increased fire-power.

60 mm vulcan guns

A pair of fire-linked 60 mm gatling vulcan guns were mounted on either sides of the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s head.

Each vulcan gun was loaded with 400 rounds of ammunition and fired at a rate of 1,600 rounds per minute. It was used primarily against light-armoured support units. Sustained fire from the guns could damage mobile suits and were often used in close distance combat.

Beam sabres

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai had a pair of beam sabres for close combat. These had output rated at 0.4 megawatts each.

The beam sabres used an I-field to contain Minovsky particles within the shape of a blade. The beam sabres could cut through almost any material. Minovsky particles were channelled into the sabres through an energy capacitor (E-cap) attached to their hilts. The E-cap recharged with Minvosky particles from the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s reactor when the sabres were stored in the recharge racks in the rear waist armour of the mobile suit.

MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai beam sabre
MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai beam sabre
MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai beam sabre rack
MSR-00100 Hyaku-Shiki Kai beam sabre rack

Beam rifle

The BR-M-87 beam rifle was the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s primary weapon. The beam rifle had a power output rating of 2.8 megawatts.

The beam rifle drew its rounds from energy capacitors (E-caps), clips of charged Minovsky particles. Minovksy particles broke down matter at a molecular level, allowing the beam rifle bolts to penetrate even the thickest armour. This meant that a single shot could destroy a mobile suit.

It had a retractable hook to store it on the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s backpack when not in use.

BR-M-87 beam rifle
BR-M-87 beam rifle

Gatling gun pod

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai had a Gatling gun pod mounted on its right shoulder. This provided high-rate of fire of projectile ranged attack.

Beam gun pod

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai mounted a beam gun pod on its left shoulder.

The beam gun drew its rounds directly from the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s reactor. Minovsky particles broke down matter at a molecular level, allowing the beam bolts to penetrate even the thickest armour. This meant that a single shot could destroy a mobile suit.

Pulse laser guns

There was a pulse laser gun built into each of the Hyaku-Shiki Kai’s forearm. These fired concentrated energy bolts that were weaker than beam bolts but still dealt considerable damage to mobile suits.

Grenade launchers

The Hyaku-Shiki Kai had a grenade launcher built into each forearm. These fired small rocket-propelled grenades that could be used to deal damage to a wide area or to distract enemy mobile suits.


Behind the scenes

Kazumi Fujita was the original mechanical designer.