Principality of Zeon mecha in Mobile Suit Gundam

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Principality of Zeon

We have finished the articles on Principality of Zeon mecha that appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam. If you missed it, check our previous entry where we featured the Earth Federation mecha.

Zeon had more types of mecha in the series than the Federation, partly because they were the first to develop mobile suits. Here are the mecha in a simple list for easy reference:

MechaBay strives to portray the series in their truest form. We regard the events of the Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movies as canon, not those of the animation series. The storyline of the movies is closer to Yoshiyuki Tomino’s vision for the series.

Keep a look out for more updates with entries of the vessels used by both Federation and Zeon in Mobile Suit Gundam.