MA-04X Zakrello

By Jenxi Seow



MA-04X Zakrello

The MA-04X Zakrello was an experimental mobile armour developed by the Principality of Zeon.


The Principality of Zeon begun developing mobile armours during the early stages of the One Year War. The space-capable MA-04X Zakrello was one of the earliest designs by the MIP Company.

The MAN-00X-2 Brawrello was a variant designed for Newtype-use.

MA-04X Zakrello

MA-04X Zakrello in Gundam Mechanics


The MA-04X Zakrello was designed to be fast and powerful. It had large thrusters to give it speed and a high-output Minovsky reactor to power its scattering mega particle cannon. It was mounted with a pair of blades that it used in fast melee attacks to slice the enemy.

Although the mobile armour was fast, it lacked manoeuvrability. This made its flightpath predictable and increased the likelihood of it being hit.

MA-04X Zakrello

MA-04X Zakrello

MA-04X Zakrello

MA-04X Zakrello


The Zakrello could only use its mounted weapons in battle. It was equipped with short and medium-range armaments as well as melee weapons.

Scattering mega particle cannon

A scattering mega-particle cannon was mounted in the mouth of the mobile armour. It fired high powered shots that spread over an area.


A blade was mounted on each of the two arms of the Zakrello. These were used to slash at the enemy as the mobile armour sped pass its enemy in close range.

Four-tube missile launchers

A four-tube missile launcher was mounted on each flank of the Zakrello. These provided the mobile armour with a ranged weapon to use while it waited for its main cannon to cool down in between shots.

Missile launchers

There was a multiple-missile launcher at the front of each flank rocket thruster. The missiles were often used when the Zakrello waited for its mega particle cannon to cool down sufficiently to be fired again.

Known pilots

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.