By Jenxi Seow




The Dragonfly was a ferry aircraft produced by the Earth Federation.


During the One Year War, the Earth Federation discovered that the increasing use of Minovksy scattering systems rendered conventional communications lines useless. They were forced to rely on other methods of communications in situations where the high density of Minovsky particles jammed radio transmissions.

The Dragonfly was a light aircraft that served as a messenger and courier, relaying critical information and intelligence in the battlefield. The aircraft was referred to as the “Commu” by Principality of Zeon soldiers.

During the war, Zeon spy Judock, who was embedded in the Federation, used a Dragonfly to relay messages between Zeon Captain M’Quve and Federation General Elran.


The Dragonfly was very lightweight and was designed with a large wing surface that made it capable of short take-off and landing. This allowed it fly from and land on the decks of ships such as the Big Tray-class land battleships.

The propeller aircraft was designed with a pusher configuration that where the propeller is mounted behind the engine. Such a design shorten the fuselage and thus reduce the weight of the craft.


The Dragonfly had no armaments as it was not a combat aircraft.

Behind the scenes

Kunio Okawara was the original mechanical designer.